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Scholar’s Punting Cambridge is an independently owned punting company established in 2007. Operating from the riverbank in the heart of the historic city of Cambridge our punting tours guide visitors and local residents through 800 years of Cambridge University and local history.

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Established in 2007, The Cambridge Punting Company is a small collective of four local independent owners licensed by Cambridge City Council. Together we are devoted to our city's most traditional and ancient pastime, and committed to offering you the most authentic punting in Cambridge.

We craft all of our boats by hand using traditional methods dating back to medieval times, when punting in Cambridge was first introduced. If you visit the city during the winter you might be lucky enough to have an insight into the work we put into our beautiful boats as you’re likely to catch a glimpse of us building and maintaining them.

We offer a variety of different tours to suit your needs and budget, whether you want a private tour for two or a single seat on a shared punt for some sight seeing, we have it covered. Click on the drop down window above to read more about each tour.

Each of our tours lasts 45 minutes and includes all seven riverside colleges and nine bridges. The tours all start and finish at our pontoon which you’ll find outside La Mimosa restaurant on Thompson Lane, Jesus Green, we’re very well sign posted so you wont have trouble finding us.

Your chauffeur is able to glide you elegantly and effortlessly along the surface of the river using a pole called a quant. Sit back in our comfy seats and enjoy the scenery whilst your chauffeur entertains you with an informative commentary. All of our guides are extremely knowledgeable about Cambridge and welcome any questions you have. If you book a private tour your chauffeur will be able to be more flexible and accommodate your tastes, for example some people prefer to ask to hear about specific buildings and bridges, or local tales rather than the traditional format.

Whichever tour you choose we hope you have an extremely relaxing and enjoyable experience.

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